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About Us

Unfortunately I did neglect my teeth and  I wanted to remove stains and improve the colour of my teeth that was easy to use, didn’t cost a fortune, and it also helped with my confidence because I didn’t have to hide my teeth and cover my mouth every time I smiled or laughed. I shopped around and tried different things from bicarb soda, egg yoke and tooth pastes, they didn’t make any real changes so I looked around to what else was available.

After speaking to the dentist and trying a few more things I found one that worked for me and started getting comments on the whiteness of my teeth that made me realise how yellow they must have been. I found that when I used it every day for the first 7-10 days I saw a huge difference then I use it weekly. I also bush my teeth daily. I tried the syringe types and they didn’t work so well because you put the gel on the LED didn’t touch the teeth and it gets on your gums, brushing the gel straight onto my teeth made a huge difference and the LED sped up the results, instead of an hour it took about 15-25 minutes a go.

I know it works for me and will for others. A few friends started asking about what I used and if it was easy it gave me the idea to help them and more people started asking bout teeth whitening, and that is how I started Polar Smiles.

No harmful chemicals, 100% BPA free

Suitable for all kinds of teeth, including sensitive teeth

Money-back guarantee on all products

My Journey and Commitment

When I first started, I spent a lot of time researching different teeth whitening methods and products to find the best ones for people. I tried many different teeth whitening kits and systems myself, and I also talked to dental professionals to get their input and advice. I finally settled on a system that was easy to use, effective, and affordable. One of the things that sets Polar Smiles apart is our reasonable prices and commitment to using safe ingredients in our teeth whitening products. We don’t use abrasive agents that can damage teeth and gums. Instead, we use ingredients that are gentle on teeth and can help to improve overall oral health.

Exceptional Customer Service

Another thing that sets Polar Smiles apart is our dedication to customer service. We believe that every one deserves to be treated with respect and professionalism, and we strive to provide exceptional service and support to everyone who uses our products. We offer a money back guarantee, and we’re always available to answer any questions or concerns our customers may have.

Starting Polar Smiles has been a an adventure and I’m proud of the positive impact we’ve had on peoples lives. By providing affordable, safe, and effective teeth whitening products, Polar Smiles is helping people to achieve brighter, more confident smiles and feel better about themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our LED light is clinically proven to speed up the tooth whitening process. Our LED light has two settings, a blue and red light. The blue light activates and speeds up the tooth whitening process, whilst the red light is used after, to soothe your gums. Since this kit is designed for all kinds of teeth including sensitive teeth, it’s safe enough to use twice a day.

The kit is IPXS waterproof. You can rinse your whole body with water for cleaning.

Polar Smiles Teeth whitening kit is 100% BPA free.

Along with the teeth whitening kit, you’ll receive an easy to use step by step instruction guide to follow.

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